Photoshoot with Azya Queen Boutique


Hi friends, yesterday I and my friend Rara held a photoshoot with Azya Queen boutiques. This is very exciting.

Photographers Anhar, and stylists Deby. We wear the headscarf from the boutique. There satin, jersey and motives.

Oh God.. I like it so much. the angle, the lighting n our style is so amaze. hihi😀

pink satin, deep grey satin

soft pink and grey jersey

vintages motives

i feel… so cool…😀

rara you are so cool…🙂

my friend said that the photo was looking different character. me me me haha that’s right or not huh? -,-

so graceful😛

so calm, n I think this is like ancient photo haha

sparkling with the hijab😀

so cool guys.. the angle is very good right?😀

the cute one😛

once again… i look so calm -.-

the innocent face, i think haha, but so cute😀

that’s the Crazy Photoshoot with Azya Queen Boutique. Thank’s for the photosession, it’s so fun! Photographer Anhar Fahrul, Stylist Debby Romerro. and my model partner Raisa Pratiwi. I will wait the next sesion soon. Success for Azya Queen Boutique. ^^

i learn something new, that “style does not have to keep up with changing times. As long as we feel comfortable and appropriate time to dress, that’s ourself!


About ngenesgilak

Gue Kartikasari. Bukan roti dari Bandung, bukan nama truk maupun angkot umum, mungkin nama gue pasaran banget kali ya? -_-", tapi gue bangga nama ini dikasi dari bapak gue tercinta. :'). di sini gue luapin semua kisah kengenesan hidup gue, selama gue masi bernafas,*cieee Let's read them guys!^^

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