I feel sad for some reason


somehow I feel sad,

sometimes… i feel sad for some reason, it is difficult to explain, everyone did it..
I do not know …
why they do things like that, things that did not occurred to me,
something inappropriate they say, and they hate it ..
they are pretending to be good in the eyes of all people. but on the contrary, behind they curse with harsh words.
I was sick, knowing all that, I was sick, and I cried ..
I do not believe
is it because I’ve grown, I know there are complex issues and continuous? it better to be a child who is always sucking candy and laugh no load and have a problem …

I realized, in life there must be joy, sadness, anger, hate and evil. I’m happy to have them all, but sometimes I think I better live alone so I did not hurt.

if I had to pretend not to know?
yes, it was probably the best, like what they do in front of us.

I’m just sad, and probably for a while longer ..
maybe one day, two days, weeks, even months.
but I’m sure this will all be finished when it was time to come.

on the other hand, I want to live and protect those I love …
take care and keep it. it is my wish.
but why I want to live that far away and be alone now?
because I think it’s better than living together but often argue
and full of hypocrisy

better to live alone with people who do not know than to live with me full of emotions and problems.


About ngenesgilak

Gue Kartikasari. Bukan roti dari Bandung, bukan nama truk maupun angkot umum, mungkin nama gue pasaran banget kali ya? -_-", tapi gue bangga nama ini dikasi dari bapak gue tercinta. :'). di sini gue luapin semua kisah kengenesan hidup gue, selama gue masi bernafas,*cieee Let's read them guys!^^

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